PILAR: designed for the protection of helicopters

PILAR Helicopter Version (or Acoustic Hostile Fire Indicator) is designed for the protection of helicopters. It warns pilots of where the shots are coming from, in under a second, so they can either take evasive actions or engage. Depending on the size & shape of the helicopter, it is available as 2 to 6 “flat/dome” acoustic arrays to be installed outside on the helicopter’s airframe. A clock-dial display in the cockpit or an audio warning allows early alert the pilot or crew and showing the direction of the threat area. PILAR discriminates the noise of the threat from the helicopter blades and engine. The system can be used as a stand-alone hostile fire detection system or in conjunction with other Threat Warning Systems to provide a complete threat awareness capability.

Key Points


Continuous Surveillance

A game changer in the Protection of Helicopter.

Helicopter crews in particular often coming under fire during missions, sometime without even being aware of the threat until it is too late “Guys have been flying and not knowing that they are being shot at”. The PILAR Helicopter Version allow them to get out of danger, and to record where the firing was coming from to avoid area in future, or to send to dismounted Quick Reaction Forces to deal with it. PILAR Helicopter Version is the essential sensor to the early warning of incoming shots to helicopters during missions such as:

  • Reconnaissance helicopter
  • Escort helicopter
  • Attack helicopter
  • SAR helicopter
  • Utility and cargo helicopter

Interfacing Capability

Pilar Helicopter Version can be interfaced according to specific needs with:

  • on-board Early Warning System
  • airborne EO/IR dome camera that points towards the threat area
  • helicopter moving map to transfer the information to the ground vehicles or forces