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Introducing Metravib Defence solutions
Over 25 years in the service of worldwide security

Protection of people, sites & vehicles.

Back to basics

Metravib Defence offers a complete range of products and services dedicated to noise detection of any potential threats for the defence and homeland security sectors.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Our mastery of cutting-edge technologies allows us to offer high value added products which are also standards of integrated solutions. We are continuously innovating for a better tomorrow!

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Battlefield Management

We are at the center of the infovalorization and digitalization of the battlefield. When seconds count…share combat information everywhere on the battlefield is vital to be one step ahead of the enemy.

“If noise is the first warning sign of danger, then acoustic detection can help protect people”

This is the premise upon which we built our security know-how. Over the past 25+ years, Metravib Defence has developed high-performance threat surveillance, detection, and localization solutions for the defence and civil protection sectors. Our smart solution driven with the lowest incidence of false alarms have earned the trust of soldiers in the toughest military theatres around the world. Today our technology is also available to private security & law enforcement agencies to make cities safer.

Acoustic threat detection device

PILAR for vehicles

PILAR vehicle version is designed for the protection of heavy and light armoured vehicles, as well as police armoured vehicles. 

Acoustic threat detection device

PILAR for sensitives sites

PILAR Ground Version is designed for the protection of both permanent or temporary sensitive sites.

Gunshot detector
Helicopter on duty

Discover the Metravib Defence video

The systems developed by Metravib Defence use the sound waves generated by the firing of arms to detect and accurately identify their location in real time. Discover this exclusive video!