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United Nations Observation Mission

The PEARL acoustic gunshot detectors is the ideal add-on equipment intuitively operated for a better soldier protection on duties and law enforcement effectiveness by acting as a Combat Multiplier and by always keeping a tactical advantage over the enemy forces to save lives.

Because of its versatility of use, its multiple threats detection capabilities and its operational outcomes, our Gunshot Detector can be used for many applications within the framework of UN peacekeeping missions.

Being unarmed, UN military observers are at even greater risk from attack then armed UN troops. Whether investigating or monitoring aggressive actions or violations, or monitoring withdrawals, cease fires, or disarmament, they will frequently targets for those opposed to the UN peacekeeping missions.

The PEARL can be easily installed on the soldier’s weapon or coupled with the in service infantry equipment such as handheld goggle in order to assist UN military observers during its conflict prevention mission, to ensure the best protection of the military and civil assets, as well as to bring evidence of any cease fire violations.