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RWS Slew-to-cue Capabilities

Many vehicle weapon stations are now commonly remotely operated to keep crew members behind armour.

Our Gunshot Detectors offer increased survivability to military armoured vehicles. Using built-in GPS to calculate fire location and timing, our system helps armoured vehicles from a tactical intelligence picture on the battlefield and often relies on vetronics architecture to link with Commonly Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (CROWS) for threat targeting.

When coupled with Remote Weapon Station (RWS), the PILAR V will allow automatic positioning of the RWS in the direction of the threat. Hence, in case of ambush, PILAR V will provide auto-protection of the vehicle and of the convoy, allow evasive action and threat neutralisation. Thanks to accurate real-time information, PILAR V will save ammunitions and contribute to reduce the stress of the crew.

We are the ideal partner to facilitate your integration work and to improve the Force Protection by always keeping a tactical advantage over the enemy forces.