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City Protection

Nowadays, urban violence and terrorist threat by the use of guns is constantly increasing. Neighborhoods that experience continual, unaddressed gunfire are subject to a lifetime of emotional trauma. Metravib, the world leader in Gunshot Detector, affords cost-effective solutions to address the impact of gun violence… Read More »City Protection

Military Camp Protection

During conflicts and peacekeeping missions, armed forces must ensure that temporary and permanent military bases are protected. In today’s asymmetric conflicts, and particularly in urban environments, a potential threat can come from anywhere. It is MISSION ESSENTIAL to have the capabilities to protect sensitive sites… Read More »Military Camp Protection

RWS Slew-to-cue Capabilities

Many vehicle weapon stations are now commonly remotely operated to keep crew members behind armour. Our Gunshot Detectors offer increased survivability to military armoured vehicles. Using built-in GPS to calculate fire location and timing, our system helps armoured vehicles from a tactical intelligence picture on… Read More »RWS Slew-to-cue Capabilities

Future Soldier Program

Future soldier programmes continue to be critically important for dismounted infantry operations around the world. As militaries are expected to operate in diverse environments – from artic to urban landscapes – developing products, technologies and capabilities that enable soldiers to survive and thrive has become… Read More »Future Soldier Program

Robotics Unmanned Vehicles

Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems now more than ever play a pivotal role as a tactical and operational tool for the Armed Forces. Within the vision of the roadmap of the battlefield robotization, the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) can be configured for multiple roles including CBRNe (chemical, biological, radiological,… Read More »Robotics Unmanned Vehicles