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City Protection

Nowadays, urban violence and terrorist threat by the use of guns is constantly increasing. Neighborhoods that experience continual, unaddressed gunfire are subject to a lifetime of emotional trauma. Metravib, the world leader in Gunshot Detector, affords cost-effective solutions to address the impact of gun violence and the effects they have on communities, families, and children. By reducing gun violence in the city, Metravib helps law enforcement by saving lives, and improving community safety.

The PILAR system listens to the acoustic waves emitted by the shot and provides real-time alert to the operator. The systems can use multiple collaborative acoustic sensors and can be interfaced with video surveillance (CCTV) equipment to improve security through wide-area monitoring and reporting events.

The PILAR system serves for several applications such as:

  • Embassy and VIP gatherings
  • Campus, Schools, Stations & Airport security,
  • Public events protection