PILAR Sensitive Sites Protection

PILAR Ground Version is designed for the protection of both permanent or temporary sensitive sites. A Mission System following the surveillance approach offers a configurable scalable suite consisting of:

  • 1 to 20 acoustic arrays
  • one ruggedized PC with MMI module for processing, data storage and display of the system outputs

The number of acoustic arrays depends on the area to be covered. Available results include among other outputs the GPS localization of the threat, as well as azimuth, elevation and range.

Key Points


Sites and Events Monitoring

PILAR Ground Version can be deployed to enhance the surveillance and security of sensitive sites and events. It is the ideal product configuration to ensure optimum operational success in both defence and homeland security scenarios such as:

  • Military FOBs
  • Border Control Post
  • Embassies
  • VIP gatherings (G8, parades, commemorations, etc.)
  • Communities (airports, campus, sporting events, railway station, etc.)

System on duty

The PILAR Ground Version has been successfully used by several NATO armed forces in Afghanistan and for the surveillance of VIP events (such Bastille Day parade, football championship final, G7 summit, etc.).

Modular and scalable system: PILAR Ground Version can be adapted if required. Including from 1 to 4 acoustic arrays, it allows for the surveillance of a checkpoint, a front line, an embassy or VIP residential area. With the multi-array version (8, 16, 20), PILAR can be used for the surveillance of larger areas, up to 1.5 km².

Pivot Observation Turret

PILAR Ground Version can be coupled with the PIVOT Observation Turret. PIVOT is a motor-driven observation turret equipped by default with a day camera. When the shot is detected by PILAR, the PIVOT turret automatically points in the direction of the localised position and provides an image of the threat in real time. METRAVIB can offer integration services in order to make compatible the PIVOT with day camera and/or thermal camera already in service within the Forces.