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Territorial Registration of Shots Incidents

The system is capable to interface with the Moving Map from Flight Display Systems, in order to provide real-time shooting attacks information to the pilot/crew.

The system can transmit information such as:

  • a shot warning through the inter-communication system to alert the pilot/crew of incoming hostile fire,
  • the shot detection time plotting the aircraft position,
  • a potential 2D threat area depending on identified calibre around the synchronized aircraft position at the instant of the shot alert,

The territorial registration of shots incidents during mission is simplified extensively and gives perfect Situational Awareness and a clear safety benefit.

Using the aircraft present position, altitude and destination information from the navigation system, the Helicopter Moving Map determines and displays distance and aircraft’s actual route of flight against the threat areas.

The information and data collected by the system, along with the aircraft’s actual route of flight, can also be:

  • shared with other helicopters flying on patrol or transferred to the ground vehicles or forces for a better protection or threat neutralization
  • used during mission post-assignment debriefings to consider danger zones and to serve as evidence for next mission preparation.